Liz—- WOW…. You did a great job last week—-the class was awesome- I learned so much, and enjoyed the 2 days I spent in the class. You have a wonderful way about sharing information (both positive and negative) that is very targeted, yet very supportive and educational. – Vice President

I am President of a not-for-profit Foundation and we had a board meeting last night. Thanks to you and the training I experienced this week my delivery was sharp, my eye contact was much more impactful (and I could feel the results since it was a small room) and my breathing was so purposeful it freaked me out! Thank you for an amazing session. Hope we can do follow ups in the future. – Senior Vice President & Chief Creative Officer

Fantastic class! I felt the class last week was very beneficial to me and I look forward to working toward unconscious competence. There is nothing like being video taped to make improvement areas “hit home”. Your expertise and style of facilitation really brought a big positive impact to the learnings. Thanks again. – Corporate Director, Revenue Management

Liz- Just wanted to tell you how much value I’m getting out of our coaching sessions. In my role I have to pitch for business in the 20-100 million dollar range and it’s critical that I give impressive formal presentations. Your ability to help me drill down to the key messages, connect with my audience and clean up my slides has given me a huge confidence boost. I’m feeling more psyched than ever about beating my year-end business goal! – Director of Strategic Business

Hi Liz, thank you so much for an excellent 2 days of training. This course was one of the most valuable I have been on in a long time. I picked up a lot of great tips and at the same time had fun. As you know this is not always an easy balance to achieve. – General Manager

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for 2 days full of learning. The breathing exercises and the inform/motivate exercise were key take away’s for me. As a matter of fact, I had 3 conference calls today and I used the 2/3 breathing technique to slow down my speaking pattern. The big test will be next when I have my Regional Six Sigma Council meeting. Cut my slides from 35 to 15, b/c I’ll be speaking to points rather than having them read; put data into pie charts – easier to speak to and more visually appealing. Hopefully our paths will cross again. – Regional Director, Six Sigma

The feedback on the workshop that Liz delivered at the Commercial Banking Sales Conference in January was fabulous. Based on the survey feedback we received, Liz’s workshop Communicating in the Sales Process was highly rated by attendees – the highest score out of all the workshops! – Senior Director, Human Resources