You know you’ve done it before: What you think will be the right portion size of dry spaghetti for two ends up filling three containers of leftovers. That weekend vacation to Montreal? You didn’t really need to pack five pairs of pants. And that presentation you gave to the team last week – that was a Baconator portion of data served up in what was only meant to be a 10 minute update.

Many people make the mistake of putting too much in their pasta pots, suitcases, and in their presentations: data, visuals, bullets, long-winded explanations. And usually it’s not until after the water has boiled, you are unpacking your luggage back at home, and the group you were talking to is glazed over that we realize: that was just TOO MUCH.

So here’s a way to Simple-size your presentation and make it fit the amount of time you have to talk.

Assume you have 20 min to speak.

  1. Assume now that the meeting is running late and you only have 15 min. This is the norm so better to plan for it.
  2. Now assume 2 min at the beginning and 2 min at the end for your intro/agenda and closing statements.
  3. You now have11 minutes. Divide 11 by the number of topic areas you want to discuss. For example, if you have 3 topic areas you can talk for just less than 4 min per topic. Or you can give one topic more time and expand another. But you only have 11 min to work with. Remember this.
  4. Now you are ready to determine what you can realistically cover in the time allocated. What

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