Tom Brady

I recently read a Men’s Health article about Tom Brady, the famed Patriot’s quarterback and how he keeps himself in top shape. I was hooked by the first line of copy: “Tom Brady watches 17 hours of film a week.”

Now you and I may not be star athletes, but when we give presentations we are performing – albeit without the pom-poms and gatorade and cheering crowds. I often say (ok, I probably opine on this point) that presenters need to approach delivering a presentation as if it were a sporting event complete with drills, warm-ups and post-game analysis. And I frequently urge people to turn their iPad or cameraphone on themselves to record what they really look like either in rehearsal or at “game-time.” I’ve done it many times myself – once recently when I was emceeing as Psy and doing the Gangnam Style dance as an entrance. Humbling doesn’t even begin to cover how I felt after seeing myself struggling in rehearsal with what I originally thought was a simple and dopey-looking dance. Had I *not* taped myself  I wouldn’t have delivered the entrance with the right level of committment and er…style required to be a convincing mimic.

So it doesn’t surprise me that a star athlete like Mr. Brady reviews his games – what amazes me is his dedication to watching 17 hours of it.

So if Tom Brady can do that, perhaps you and I could manage a few minutes to make sure we’re game-ready. It might make the different between looking like an amateur and delivering like a pro.


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