You are a busy executive who recognizes that you need to improve your communication skills.

You have to give presentations. They need to be really good and you have to get people’s buy-in. Sometimes the topics are dry and you need to make sure you keep your audience’s attention.You’re ok giving presentations to small audiences. Large audiences make you nervous. Or vice versa. You want to get a grip on your nervousness. You have to give feedback well. Both positive and negative. You have a technical/financial background and need to get to the point when talking and simplify what you say so everyone can understand. You have been told you’re ‘too direct’. Or not direct enough.  You don’t like ‘small talk’ in social situations or maybe don’t do it very well.  You need to talk confidently about yourself or your company. You don’t like your voice, especially on voicemail. You say ‘um’ too much. You’ve been told you need to look and sound more like a leader.


Your team needs training in:

Presentation Skills: Content & Visuals
Presentation Skills: Delivery
Demonstrating Confident Leadership
Giving Positive or Constructive Feedback
Communicating with Different Personality Styles
Building Rapport with Clients
Running Effective Meetings
You’re not sure exactly but if you talk it through with us you might be able to clarify what you’re after

Manifest offers lunch ‘n learn, 1/2 day, 1 or 2 day programs onsite or offsite geared to your group. We combine group training with follow-up 1:1 instruction to improve and cement results.

Programs are interactive, practical and engaging. Course materials and handouts never exceed 1kg in weight. Videotaping is incorporated in a respectful and team building way.

We pace the class the way we would like to experience it. You can expect relevant exercises. Group interaction, visuals and demos. Facilitator lecture… but not too much.

We provide foundational instruction for less experienced participants, and high-level polishing for veterans with years of experience. Although we don’t teach team building, clients often tell us that the team works better together as a result of the training.